Bronco 1 Launch Vehicle

About Bronco 1

The B1LV team is nearing the completion of Bronco 1, CPP’s first liquid bipropellant rocket.


- Pressure-Fed LOx/EtOH Ablative Engine
- 600 lb Target Thrust
- 37,000 feet Apogee
- Single Bay Dual-Deployment Recovery System
- 17 ft length x 7.8 in diameter
- Wet Mass 170 lbs
- Dry Mass 114 lbs

The Testing & Recovery team gains a complete understanding of the launch vehicle to plan and execute tests on flight hardware. We problem-solve to define test plans and procedures as well as design and test the launch vehicle recovery system.

The Propellant Feed Systems team assembles piping and instruments on launch vehicle hardware and test stands. We develop Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) and CAD models for piping and are responsible for the cleanliness of the piping system.

The Data Acquisition & Avionics team develops systems to control launch vehicle hardware during tests and collect data. We design and research electronics for use on the launch vehicle avionics bay and develop user interfaces for ease of operation.

The Structures & Manufacturing team gains hands-on experience in constructing, manufacturing, and machining components for the launch vehicle. We design and analyze structures for engine testing and develop CAD models and engineering drawings.

The Thermal-Fluids & Flight Analysis team conducts analysis to size components, evaluate and mitigate hazards, and evaluate test data. We also perform aerodynamics and stability analysis to predict flight characteristics and develop apps to display results.

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