About Project ZEUS

The ZEUS team is developing the Z-1 engine, a pump-fed LOx/EtOH engine that will be integrated on the upcoming Bronco-2 launch vehicle to reach space.


- Gas Generator Cycle Turbopump Engine
- LOx/EtOH Propellants
- 3,100 Ib Target Thrust
- 800 psi Chamber Pressure

The Systems Engineering, Integration, and Testing team develops requirements, specifications, documents analysis and design, and ensures proper interfacing of components. We also design and assemble test facilities, as well as write and execute test plans and procedures.

The Combustion Devices team designs the combustion chamber, gas generator, and injector devices and performs thermal-fluid analysis to validate cooling design. We also perform stress and thermal analysis and develop CAD models of hardware.

The Turbomachinery Design team is responsible for designing the impellers, turbine rotors, nozzles, shafts, seals, and bearings of the turbopump assembly. We also perform CAD and FEA analysis to validate these designs and predict pump performance.

The Structures & Manufacturing team oversees the assembly of engine components, operates the MetalX 3D printer, and researches manufacturing methods for engine production. We also validate component design using finite element analysis.

The Mechanisms & Controls team is responsible for the data acquisition system, instrumentation devices, and engine valves & actuators. We handle both the engine and test facilities system to ensure proper startup/shutdown sequences, data collection, and controls.

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