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Liquid Rocket Lab

About Us

U.S. News recognized Cal Poly Pomona as the number two public school in the West

Cal Poly Pomona has established the Liquid Rocket Laboratory (LRL) for the advancement and training of students in aerospace rocketry.

The focus of the laboratory is to provide the training needed by students for the design of liquid rockets so they may assume responsible roles in the aerospace industry in this exciting field.


Be the first university to cross the Kármán line on a liquid-fueled rocket
Be the first university to static fire a turbopump engine


Bronco 1 Launch Vehicle

The B1LV team is developing a pressure fed LOx/EtOH launch vehicle to reach 37,000 feet and prove crucial design aspects for future designs.


The ZEUS team is developing the Z-1 engine, a pump-fed LOx/EtOH engine that will be integrated on the Bronco-2 launch vehicle to reach space.

Additive Manufacturing Project

The AMP team is involved in the characterization and testing of the Markforged MetalX System to support the B1LV and ZEUS teams.


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